We are open for delivery, outdoor dining, and indoor dining at 25% capacity from 10am - 6:45pm. Take out is from 10am - 7pm.

About Us

We are a New York, Jewish-Style Deli & Restaurant offering home-style cooking.

Our menu is filled with dozens of sandwiches, including beloved Kipper Salmon and White Fish. We specialize in Corned Beef, Matzo Ball Soup, Pastrami and all sorts of classic deli specialties, such as Stuffed Derma, Blintzes, and Kasha Varnishka. We are known to have the best quality meats in town probably because we acquire only the best beef and poultry that money can buy. Everything on our menu is homemade and prepared in house. We can make anything and everything "made to order".

The restaurant has comfortable seating for more than 100 with table service, as well as a separate room for private parties or banquets. We can also cater special banquet party events for you, your family or for business meetings. You can also call ahead to order almost anything and it'll be ready to pick up when you get here.

We are proud to say we have received many compliments from our customers. Our customers have been known to say, "I like the food, the atmosphere, and the service." Some have said that they like our home-style Jewish cuisine. Others have told us that their favorite items are "the special-recipe Russian dressing, the sweet and sour cabbage, and the awesome roast beef & the brisket." One of the most ordered menu items are the Sloppy Joes, Corned Beef & Turkey Triple Decker platters.

Eppes Essen was established in 1956 as a New York, Jewish-Style Deli & Restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Later, in 1960, we moved to Orange, New Jersey. And finally, we made our current home in Livingston, New Jersey.

With years and years of restaurant & deli experience, we are proud to continue to serve our patrons by providing the utmost quality of service, a clean dining environment, and superb home-style cuisine and ethnic foods.

Thanks to our patrons, and we hope to be seeing you soon enjoying your dining experience with your family, relatives, associates, and friends!

Eppes Essen to you!
(Yiddish for "I will give you something to eat")